Business website and e-commerce store for one of the most popular tutors in Poland

For one of the most popular tutors conducting online courses in Poland, we have created a complete company website and a e-commerce shob, thanks to which it is possible to sell exam preparation courses. The website has been thoroughly prepared for SEO positioning. For ChemMaster, we have also prepared a full website analytics, on the basis of which we make further decisions regarding the development of the platform.

Corporate website for a private physiotherapeutic clinic

We have created a complete company website for the Polish physiotherapy office. The works were preceded by the examination of the client’s needs and the analysis of his offer. Based on the interview, the architecture of the site was created. The whole website has been well prepared for the SEO campaign.

Business, personal website for investor and enterpreneur

We have completed a set of identification materials for the Silesian investor. We have prepared a logotype and a business webpage that presents the companies run by the investor. The task of the website is to build a business image and to encourage other enterpreneurs to cooperate.

Website for an organized holiday dance trip

For the organizer of one of the largest holiday trips combined with dance workshops in Europe, we have created a complete website based on the WordPress system. The site presents all the most important features of the trip and encourages potential 250 customers to take part in this event.

Company website - Online Psychological Clinic

We created a site for the Spanish online psychological clinic operating mainly in Spain and Poland. In addition to an interesting graphic design, we took charge of a paid campaign in Google Ads platform.

Company website - Auto Scrap and cassation

For the Jastrzębska Recycling Company, we have created a new website dedicated to the newly opened subsidiary. The site has been prepared for natural positioning. Along with the launch of the site, we launched a paid advertising campaign. Sales began from the first week after the page was published on Google.

Corporate website of the Investors Association

We have created a complete visual identification and website for the Association of Investors introducing new sport to the Polish market. In addition to the listed elements, the Association ordered in our company to maintain the website and create Social Media channels, as well as to run a company blog.

Company website for the Beauty Salon

We have created a company website for a local cosmetics salon. The order included arranging information and product offer of this salon. In addition to the website, the company uses our servers.

Website of the manufacturer of warehouses and halls

We have created a company website for a tent halls manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. On the basis of the form we created earlier, the information document and the analysis of the offer, we made the appropriate categorization of products and arranged the information from scratch. For the main site, we successfully ran a paid Google Ads campaign for over 12 months.

Nutritional Nutrition Calculator application and blog

For the VITME brand, we have completed a comprehensive order in the form of visual identification of the brand, company website, complete WEB application together with users’ login, payments and generating PDF documents in the user’s panel. For VITME we also ran SEO and SEA campaigns. The company also benefited from our support in the form of server maintenance.

Website for the company dealing in ozonation and disinfection of living spaces

We have created a website for a company dealing with ozonation of rooms and disinfection of offices, production halls, apartments and houses. The scope of services included the creation of graphic design and thorough preparation of the website for SEO positioning.


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