Our company

We deal with the development of online businesses of our clients for over 12 years.
We develop our own skills in the area of:

  • building websites
  • online store building
  • running Google Ads campaigns
  • running an SEO campaign
  • visual identification
  • dedicated systems


I am responsible for building websites based on WordPress. I run most projects for most clients. I coordinate Google Ads campaigns. I am also responsible for organizational matters in the company.


I have been creating mobile applications since 2010. I specialize in creating a native iOS system. Since 2016 I have been developing my skills in React Native, which allows me to reliably provide multi-platform solutions (iOS + Android).


I am responsible for the correct display of website interface elements and online stores. I have been involved in building the web application interfaces for over 10 years.


I am responsible for all technical matters, maintaining servers, databases and for displaying the front elements correctly. I have over 12 years of experience in implementing backednd in web applications and websites. My specialty are shops based on the Magento and Prestashop platforms.


Write to us or call. We will discuss all matters regarding your company online.