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  • Tomasz Krawczyk
  • April 12, 1988
  • 44-266 Świerklany, Poland
  • +48 880 504 461


  • Marketing Specialist & Project manager2012 - Present

    Mitko Sp. z o.o., Poland -

    MITKO is a leading european advertising carriers manufacturer. My main duties include:

    + content and project management for the website and its 5 language versions according to its customers experiences, latest SEO best practices, AdWords strategy and Brand Identity

    + Website and RWD technology development in answer to Google Analytics statistics and its users experiences

    + managing and maintaining the +2TB graphic/visual databases

    + project management with internal IT dept. and outsorced specialists responsible for paper publications, graphics and RWD coding. This includes finding proper partners for cooperation

    + project management in website translation with the cooperation of external translation agencies. This includes finding proper companies for cooperation

    + AdWords campaigns management at Polish and Czech market

    + essential partners support within all the marketing materials important for their growth/development

    + planning and building a company’s fair stand

    + participating in fairs/trade shows and monitoring the changes within our competitors

  • Startup/Project manager03.2014-03.2015

    Vinnst for Mitko Sp. z o.o., Poland -,

    Vinnst is a Mitko's brand for beanbags and pillows. My main duties included:

    + introducing and developing online sales structures

    + handling atypical and high volume inquiries

    + preparing custom designs of the products for visual presentations

    + managing AdWords campaigns at Polish market

  • Repair technician2010 - 2011

    Comserve Network Netherlands B.V. -

    I was diagnosing and replacing parts in Asus and Samsung's newest devices. My duty was also to report the parts replacement to the teamleaders.

  • Graphic Designer - Freelancer2007 - 2010

    During this time I was working as a freelancer for customers I found through internet websites. I succeeded in cooperating with both Polish and foreign companies.


  • Bachelor of Arts2011 - 2014

    Oxford Brookes University -

    In association with Polish Open University. B.A in Marketing & Advertising

Skills and courses

  • Advanced Google Analytics2015, July

    Marketing Online, Warsaw, Poland -

    Planning and optimizing Google Analytics account.

  • Basic Google Analytics2015, July

    Marketing Online, Warsaw, Poland -

    Planning and optimizing Google Analytics account.

  • Advanced Google AdWords2014, December

    Marketing Online, Warsaw, Poland -

    Planning, optimizing and implementing advanced Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Advanced Google AdWords2014, March

    XannSem, Katowice, Poland -

    Planning, optimizing and implementing advanced AdWords campaigns.

  • Google Analytics2014, March

    XannSem, Katowice, Poland -

    Building reports, tracking conversions and advanced use of Google Analytics reports.

  • Effective marketing texts2012, June

    Vademecum, Wrocławe, Poland -

    Creating effective and catchy marketing texts for online needs.


  • Marketing

  • Online marketing

  • Project management

  • Brand management

  • Sales


  • Adobe CS 6

  • Corel Draw X5

  • Google AdWords

  • Google Analytics

  • Wordpress


  • Photo retouch

  • Creative/freehand

  • Printing materials

  • UX


  • Polish

  • English

  • German

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  • 44-266 Świerklany, Poland

  • Email:
  • Phone: +48 880 504 461
  • Skype: t.krawczyk.
  • Website:

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